Are you seeking help with breastfeeding and mothering?

Contact me to learn how you can get the help and support you need for a happy and healthy mothering and breastfeeding experience.


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You and your baby will receive the breastfeeding help and mothering care you both need.

As you and your baby embark on this new together journey, I will be there to guide you both. We will work together to identify obstacles and solve and overcome diffulties so that you and your baby can find contentment and harmony together. With my mothering and breastfeeding support and encouragement, you will be able to maneuver through the tides of mothering through breastfeeding giving, yourself and your baby a beautiful, strong and significant healthy start in life.

You are not alone and breastfeeding and mothering support is at your fingertips.

You will get prenatal and post natal lactation consultations both in home and virtually with follow up. 

You and your baby will receive mothering care for those first few weeks after birth, helping you meet your and your baby’s needs all the while easing your transition into parenthood.