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Katerina Dounoulis

Nurse, Lactation Consultant IBCLC


I am Katerina Dounoulis, a nurse, lactation consultant and an expereinced breastfeeding mother that breastfed all four of my children, each one giving me new mothering and breastfeeding experiences. I received my degree in nursing (BSN) from Thomas Jefferson University, USA in 1994 and first certified as an International Board certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2011. Over 18 years ago, my role as mother led me to my decision to shift from adult nursing to working with mothers and babies, not only in my area but also worldwide.


When I was a new breastfeeding mother, I, too, sought support for myself and my new baby.  I feel blessed to have found La Leche League International with my second child. The support and encouragment I received there inspired me tremendously.  I trained and became a volunteer Leader with La Leche League Greece and also went on and certified as an IBCLC. I have experience in providing one to one care in home and virtually, conducting breastfeeding mother support groups and teaching new mother classes.

My Approach

My own journey and the journey of every mother I have worked with, all agree that the role of the breastfeeding mother is no easy task! It’s hard! Especially when we live in a society that does not take into consideration breastfeeding mothers and their babies. I have found that, when mothers feel support of their decision to breastfeed, they can tackle and conquer many societal standards that are in place. They often find they have the ability to identify and follow their own norms that include respect for their own needs and those of their breastfeeding babies. I believe feeling supported and armed with knowledge is the key to a calm mothering and breastfeeding experience. Creating a support village, are key to mother and baby successfully experiencing a wonderful, strong and fullfilling journey.


As you and your baby embark on this new together journey, I will be there to guide you both. We will work together to identify obstacles and solve and overcome diffulties so that you and your baby can find contentment and harmony together. With my mothering and breastfeeding support and encouragement, you will be able to maneuver through the tides of mothering through breastfeeding giving, yourself and your baby a beautiful, strong and significant healthy start in life.

Are you seeking help with breastfeeding and mothering?

Contact me to learn how you can get the help and support you need for a happy and healthy mothering and breastfeeding experience.


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